Reflections from a 13 year old

Upon returning from her sixth trip to Guatemala, Ellie wrote this….


As I sit here and write, I try to reconcile my two worlds. One world where people dress to impress, are kept to a tight schedule, always in a rush, and ignore the people around them. The other where people don’t care what you wear, where time is fluid, and you never rush, always take your time, and always see the people around you who need help. It’s like fitting a square into a circle hole. It doesn’t fit. You have to be willing to give up one or the other. You can’t have both. You need to pick, or nothing will ever make sense. You can join the world and fit in, find the acceptance of others, but lose the love and peace, or you can go against the flow, against everything ingrained in you and lose the acceptance of others, be an outcast, but gain everything that’s actually worthwhile.

You have to decide how much you’re actually willing to give up to live out your calling. Are you willing to give up your calling and a life of vibrancy and fulfillment for a life of social acceptance that will fluctuate with the winds? Or do you stick with your calling and face the judgement of you peers, of the criticism of the world, the harsh words and angry stares? You have to decide who and what is worth more. Your peers and their acceptance, or Jesus and his eternal life and crown of glory? There are pros and cons to each, but it is a personal choice. Which will you choose?